Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blogue Manuel Antonio

I've posted some pictures from yesterday's guided walk through the national park, available here. The guide showed me how to put my camera lens up to his telescope, so we got some pretty cool up-close pictures of animals, such as that above. We saw two sloths (one two-toed, one three-toed), several capuchin monkeys and howler monkeys, two nutria, some iguanas, and several spiders and birds.

There are also some new pictures from Quepos, including my sighting of several amazing scarlet macaws (above), as well as pics of the host fam, available here. This album should also include two sloth videos that apparently didn't upload properly before.

At some point I'll write some more about my experiences and thoughts on Costa Rica, in particular the comparison with their neighbors (and rivals) up in Nicaragua. But for the moment, I'm off to try some octopus ceviche.

Apparently a sign saying "Special: Octopus Ceviche" actually means "we had octopus ceviche the last few days, but don't have any left, but haven't changed our sign." Bummer. I'm going to try again tomorrow. This is important, dammit.



  1. Cool sloths. Adorable little girls. And you know I always love the food pictures.

  2. hola Seth, como estas espero que estes muy la primero vez que veo tu blog y esta muy bueno...saludos

    sandra, Academia Español Damore


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